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Compact executive boat
The boat accommodates up to 5 adults and one child. There is fit in channels all time and also at high water levels

Our boat accelerates up to 71 km/h in open water

The boat equipped modern music system and safety tools
highest speed
music volume
Batboat is a Glastron boat
Mel Wheatley and Robert Hammond designed the Batboat from Glastron 174 for the Batman film and TV series. They added to the standard hull: hatches with bazookas, wind screens, and a stern covering with a luminous beacon on the tail fin. The retrofitting took 31 days.
Glastron was boat of J.Bond
James Bond uses a Glastron speedboat to jump 120 feet in the movie Live and Let Die. The scene went down in the history of world cinema and contributed to the popularization of the James Bond films.
Our Glastron "50th Anniversary"
Our boat as part of a limited anniversary series for the 50th anniversary of the Glastron shipyard

There is include first-class leather upholstery with a unique pattern, decorative elements "50th Anniversary" and two-tone gradient applications on board
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